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November 28, 2017

H! My name is Leah, I am a 9th grader at Downingtown East High School. I feel it is important to help LOGAN Hope because after experiencing 2 mission trips to Haiti in 2013 and Honduras this past Summer; I have realized how fortunate I am and that there is a need of giving back to others.

My mom recently showed me a video of a group of people knitting or crocheting scarves to give people in need. I really liked this idea and decided to replicate the project in our area. I have been knitting for years now and it is a big passion of mine. To use my passion to help others brings me a lot of joy. The church I go to, the Baptist Church of West Chester has been helping LOGAN Hope for about a year now. I have visited the school a couple of times with my parents and members of our congregation and fell in love with their mission to help the kids in the Logan section of Philadelphia. For a couple of weeks now, some members of my church have been helping me make scarves that I am going to donate to the children of LOGAN Hope. While talking to Ms. Brennan about giving these children a little something for Christmas, I learned a little bit more about LOGAN  Hope and the students that attend the school. I now see even more why it is so important for those of us who have the ability or means to help, do as much as we can to support the mission of LOGAN Hope. Please join me, Leah, and support LOGAN Hope School this #givingtuesday. 

Leah's goal is to make 190 scarves, if you can help Leach reach her goal by knitting or crocheting some scarves, please email