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Current Volunteer Opportunities for the 2016-2017 School Year

After School Leaders and Volunteers: 


We are looking for individuals that are interested in serving our students during the after-school program as tutors and leaders for the upcoming school year. We strongly believe that consistency builds good rapport with the students, so the prospective volunteer would need to volunteer at least once a week for the duration of a semester. 


Classroom Assistants:


The role of the classroom assistant would be to assist our K-8th grade instructors throughout the day as they teach our students. This could include one-on-one tutoring sessions during independent practice, small-group instruction, or any other duties that their regular teacher could use assistance with during the day. As classroom assistants, you are not required to stay all day, but we do ask that you consider volunteering at least once a week. 


Event Volunteers:


If you are someone that is interested in helping out at LOGAN Hope, but you have no interest in working in a classroom setting, we have opportunities to volunteer for our school at our upcoming events. The duties of an event volunteer may include assisting in setting up the event space for the events, promoting certain events, and assisting in ensuring that the event runs smoothly. This would be a great resume builder for those who are interested in becoming event specialists or event managers. 




There are plenty of ways you can support our school as a volunteer! For more information on what additional opportunities are available, click the following link and submit a volunteer registration form!

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