LOGAN Hope is a non-profit organization serving mostly Cambodian refugee families in the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Logan.

Currently, Cambodians make up the poorest demographic in Philadelphia, have a 70% high school dropout rate, and the lowest college attendance rate of any ethnic group in America. As a response to these alarming statistics, the three primary services LOGAN Hope offers are an alternative Christian Street-School for grades K-8, an after-school program, and a summer day camp.

The goal of these programs is to provide opportunities to the underprivileged children in our neighborhood, while helping them grow into peace-loving and functional adults. This is achieved through quality Christ-centered educational programming, academic support services, and positive mentoring relationships.

Since over 90% of our students’ families are living below the poverty line, we at LOGAN Hope are also intentional about making our ministry accessible to everyone who comes by. For this reason, students’ school tuition is set at less than 5% of the actual cost, and there is little or no cost to attend our other programs.