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"LOGAN Hope has been a steady light for Christ in the Logan neighborhood of Philly. Teachers and staff sacrificially and lovingly invest in each underprivileged, at-risk child, with focus on the Cambodian community. They provide a personal and solid education that not only teaches the mind but reaches the heart as godly life principles are shared. As I spent time at the school and with the students who attended my church's summer away-camp, God grew a deeper interest in and burden for this ministry. Being on the Board allows me to serve a school where lives are being changed and challenged to dream big and honor the Lord in all they do. It's my privilege and joy to partner with LOGAN Hope."

- Cindy Rumsey, Volunteer and LOGAN Hope Board Member

"As a church we sometimes pour into the community - not being able to directly share the good news of Jesus Christ. I love that Ken & Anita MacBain and LOGAN Hope is pouring into children and families of their community and able to able to share the Love of Jesus Christ along with it's practical application for life. It has been a blessing to partner with LOGAN Hope for the last year. Keep pressing on!"

- Pastor Kirt Thallman, Grace Covenant Church

"Education, at it's heart, must respect the individual and respond to their needs. LOGAN Hope, unlike any other school I've seen or worked with, connects with students on a personal level. The education our students receive would not exist without those tight-knit classroom communities, which open the door to richly personal educational relationships."

-Mr. Sovocool 4th grade teacher, LOGAN Hope

"We pray for open doors to share Christ with the world. Well, He has brought them to our doorstep in North Philadelphia! LOGAN Hope’s dedicated founders, teachers and volunteers are sharing God’s love in a practical way by providing a personalized, quality education that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves."

-Joanna Smith, LOGAN Hope Volunteer

"Although I've known about Logan Hope since its founding in 2002, there was a transformational encounter for me during a breakfast fundraiser at our church in March 2012 while listening to some of the newest teachers speak about their roles at the school. I was impressed by their willingness to forego the prospects of higher paying positions and inspired by their passion for teaching and doing kingdom work by offering hope and a future to children who otherwise would likely have limited opportunities for succeeding in school and life."

-Gary, LOGAN Hope Volunteer and Donor